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Headshot of CFO Lisa Terry

Lisa Terry


Key Experience:
  • 29-year seasoned business, operations and finance executive and consultant.  Multi-disciplined expertise as a CFO, financial, and valuations analyst, M&A specialist, venture capital, fundraising strategic investments advisor; certified professional business coach; succession planner, multi-board advisor and angel investor.

  • Founded, owned and operated 9 businesses (4 partnerships) - in the medical device, business capital and commercial real estate industry markets.

  • Achieved 6 successful exits, with 2 still operating.

  • In the past 20 years, raised over $831M in combined capital for consulting client companies and/or founded businesses; and facilitated 4 M&A’s -the majority in the med dev/med tech space.

  • Led over 130 SMB client executives and/or businesses, 276 prior employees and 3,300+ client team members in achieving stated goals, profitability, sustainability and/or successful exits.

Notable Achievements:
  • B.A. Organizational Psychology; Univ. of Florida; International Baccalaureate

  • MBA International Entrepreneurship w/a dual major in Finance; Georgia State University; Summa Cum Laude

  • U.S. Presidential Honor’s Academic Achievement Award Recipient

  • Certifications:  FMVA; PCC; CBDE; QB ProAdvisor; Six Sigma

  • Licenses:  Life Insurance & Annuities Investments in 12 States;  Cap Broker in 3 states (only as/where required)

  • Publications:  2 Med/2 Mfg  journals; authored 9 eBooks; Professional Writers Alliance Writer

  • Podcast:  RadioX – ‘Disruptive Healthcare’

  • Member:  WHO’s ICD10 Panel

  • Patents:  4+ US medical device patents granted under CardioMedics (acquired)/ InnovaMed for non-invasive med device spanning 14 modalities.

  • Board & Board Advisory Roles:  Prior SE Med Device Association Board Consultant & Key Note Speaker; Advisory Cloud Board Advisor for 4 SMB’s

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