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VitaTek Newsletter 2024 Q1

VitaTek 2024 Q1 Newsletter

Welcome to our Q1 2024 newsletter! We're excited to share our latest updates with you, including the expansion of our EO sterilization services, the addition of a valuable member to our leadership team, as well as onboarding six new medical device development projects. As always, we appreciate your continued support and thank you for being part of the VitaTek community.

Company Milestones

Doubling Our EO Sterilization Capacity

In response to the growing demand for rapid sterilization timelines, we’re thrilled to announce the activation of our second 3M GS8X Steri-Vac sterilizer! This addition allows us to maintain our lightning-fast sterilization services for early-stage startups and commercial-stage companies around the world, providing sterilization validation, single lot releases, engineering runs, and routine runs. By doubling our capacity, we ensure that our customers continue to benefit from our record-setting turnaround times. This sterilizer represents the second of ten systems in our expansion plan to meet the increasing demand for our valued clients.

To learn more or to book a medical device sterilization service, visit Cuts Costs and Saves Time

Driven by our own frustrations with overpriced engineering formulations and lengthy production delays, we decided to bring hydrophilic coating developments in-house. We now offer formulas for purchase, directly to consumers, cutting costs and time. Our pricing starts at $799 per liter, compared to the industry standard of $3,000. We offer free consultations for reformulations to precisely meet client specs. Our in-house formulation, available for sale on our website, enhances device lubricity and provides a fast, reliable, and on-demand solution.

Order now at or submit our contact form to receive a callback for your reformulation needs!

VitaTek Podcast Appearances

VitaTek’s CEO, Jason Scherer recently appeared as a guest on two podcasts: Message Engineer for Medtech Startups and TOP CEO. Jason discusses VitaTek's vertically integrated development model and the company’s mission to accelerate timelines to commercialization. With a unique background as a former 4x President’s Club award-winning medical device sales professional turned CEO, Jason shares his valuable insights into navigating the challenges and successes of the medical device industry.

To listen to these podcasts, check out the links below:

New Leadership Expansion

Adam Johnson Joins VitaTek

We're thrilled to welcome Adam Johnson as our new President of Regulatory & Quality at VitaTek! With over 20 years of experience in regulatory and quality management, Adam has successfully led global teams, specializing in European MDR compliance, FDA 510K submissions, and international regulatory audits. His expertise spans medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics; and is backed by his strong academic background. We're excited to have Adam join our team!

Project Updates

Handshake graphic stating the signing of VitaTek's 44 project agreemeent

Onboarding Six New Medical Device Development Projects

This quarter, we’ve onboarded six new projects, bringing us to 44 projects since inception, all of which include unique requirements. One project utilizes all our vertically integrated services, A-Z. Another project requires the completion of high-fidelity prototyping, user testing, design freeze, functional testing, specification development and vendor sourcing, all within a two-month timeline; which we believe no other company could achieve. Additionally, we’re assisting a project already in Phase 5 Commercialization, which includes marketing, warehousing, distribution, and the deployment of our medical device sales team. Our flexibility to work with inventors, medical device companies, and universities at any development phase, combined with our commitment to providing super-fast, cost-efficient timelines, is proving to set us apart in the industry.

To learn more about our unique service offerings, please submit an inquiry online at

Brekka releases testimonials from top plastic surgeons around the country

Brekka is Well Received by Plastic Surgeons Across the Country

In response to valuable feedback from surgeons, we've made several design adjustments to optimize Brekka’s performance. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, our engineers were able to implement these changes in just days, which would’ve taken months if outsourced to a third party. Our ability to innovate quickly has resonated with our user base, and we’re seeing an increased adoption as new plastic surgeons embrace Brekka’s capabilities.

We've launched a testimonial campaign featuring reviews and surgical footage from a distinguished group of surgeons to showcase the effectiveness of Brekka within the plastic surgery market. Our lineup includes the following esteemed professionals: Dr. David Kirn (Kirn Plastic Surgery Center, Lexington, KY), Dr. Oren Tessler (Tessler Plastic Surgery, Scottsdale, AZ), Dr. Daniel C. Mills (Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute, Laguna Beach, CA), Dr. Kent Hasen (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Med Spa of Naples, Naples, FL), Dr. Beverly Fischer (The Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery, Timonium, MD), and Dr. Karan Chopra (Chopra Plastic Surgery, Miami, FL). We'd like to extend our sincere gratitude to these key opinion leaders for their time and dedication to the advancement of Brekka.

You can view these testimonials here:

Learn more or order your own Brekka now at:

For the latest news and updates, follow and connect with us on Brekka’s social media platforms: Brekka LinkedIn: brekkamedical, Brekka Instagram: brekkamedical

StingRay Medical graphic banner

New Improvement to Stingray’s Implant Delivery Device

This quarter, we’ve introduced a new enhancement for the StingRay device, improving its lubricity to ensure smooth delivery of implants. By utilizing our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we were able to quickly implement this change within the quarter. This fast turnaround has impressed our user base and further solidifies our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

Dr. Joe headshot

Board-certified plastic surgeon and Inventor, Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz of Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery has used this version in hundreds of cases and is very excited about this improvement. Witnessing the satisfaction of valued clients like Dr. Joe reaffirms the importance of our continuous efforts to refine and advance our devices.

Very recently, Dr. Joe visited our headquarters to provide a hands-on demonstration of the StingRay for our medical device plug-and-play sales team along with a Q&A session for plastic surgeons interested in converting to the device.

Learn more or order your own StingRay now at:

For the latest news and updates, follow and connect with us on StingRay's social media platforms: StingRay LinkedIn: Stingray Medical, StingRay Instagram: StingRay Medical

LipoShot’s Rapid Development

LipoShot has reached Phase 4! Our in-house die mold and tool shop has been extremely valuable in saving us time and costs during this manufacturing phase. We were able to create molds from scratch in just a few months, and when revisions were needed, adjustments were made within 24 hours. Typically, an R&D firm or contract manufacturer would have to rely on a third-party die mold and tool shop, resulting in longer timelines and hefty fees for mold creation and revisions. Our in-house shop has made a huge impact on saving time and reducing costs associated with this phase.

Next up, our new President of Regulatory and Quality Adam Johnson will begin preparing the 510K submission. This process typically takes many years and is extremely costly when outsourced. Having an in-house regulatory expert like Adam saves our clients both time and cost, enables constant, clear communication, and leverages in-depth knowledge of the device. Once approved, we’ll be ready to launch in the U.S. market! We are scheduled for Phase 5 commercialization in late Q3 2024.

Orchid’s Major Milestones

We recently received the Hermmann Ultrasonic welder. This unique machine allows us to bond the critical parts of both LipoShot and Orchid during assembly. We have also finalized the molds from within our in-house tool and die shop. Upon the completion of finalized materials, Adam will then leverage his expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the device to prepare for biocompatibility submission. This crucial 8-16 week process assesses the safety of our device's materials when interacting with living tissue. We anticipate a Phase 5 commercialization in early Q4 2024.

Events & Networking

VitaTek Connects at MD&M Anaheim

In February, we attended the MD&M show in Anaheim which was a huge success! Following our first appearance at the October 2023 MD&M event, where we introduced ourselves as VitaTek, a newly merged company combining R&D and contract manufacturing capabilities, we noticed a significant increase in brand recognition and interest in our unique offerings.

Over the course of the three-day event, we connected with more than 250 individuals, including suppliers, vendors, medical device companies, and other R&D and contract manufacturing professionals. All were eager to learn more about our vertically integrated services. We saw a threefold increase in booth traffic compared to our previous attendance in September.

VitaTek showcases their booth design for the Aesthetic Meeting 2024 in Vancouver, BC

Join Us at The Aesthetic Meeting 2024, Vancouver, BC

Our leadership team will be at booth #434, May 2nd-5th, showcasing the Brekka and StingRay devices. We also look forward to this networking opportunity to connect with physicians and inventors to discuss their medical device innovations.

To learn more about our attendance, please visit our event page.

If you would like to discuss your medical device idea or learn more about our vertical integration, please schedule a live one-on-one meeting with our President of Sales, Matt Newman.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of our quarterly newsletter. We look forward to sharing additional updates at the end of Q2! To learn more or to receive a quote for any of our services, please complete our online form at or book a call with our president of sales, Matt Newman.

Visit our socials for daily updates on device development and milestones:

Sincerely, VitaTek Marketing Team

VitaTek Marketing Member's Nate & Allison

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