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Celebrating Vita's Medical Device Journey: From 10 Projects to Disrupting the Industry in 3 Years

VitaTek celebrates its 3rd birthday since its launch in October 2021 by reflecting on our transformative journey. Originally a medical device incubator, we've consolidated all services in-house in 2023 to become the world's only vertically integrated medical device company. In October, we rebranded from Vita Group to VitaTek, and we signed on our 34th incubation project.

Vita Group initially served as a medical device incubator and accelerator with a mission to guide inventors from napkin sketches to commercialization as quickly as possible. However, our in-house services were limited to R&D, rapid prototyping, distribution, sales, and marketing. We coordinated 510k submissions, sterilization, and manufacturing with 3rd parties, leading to costly and inefficient outsourcing.

In early 2023, under the leadership of CEO Jason Scherer, we made significant changes to eliminate these inefficiencies. We merged with I-Tek, a medical device contract manufacturer, relocated to a 70k sq ft headquarters, and purchased ten Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers. These changes positioned us as the only fully vertically integrated medical device company in the world. Our comprehensive in-house services now include R&D, rapid prototyping, regulatory compliance, user testing, die mold and tooling, contract manufacturing, sterile barrier packaging, injection molding, final assembly, ETO sterilization, and medical device sales team.

As of October 2023, Vita Group has rebranded to VitaTek to signify the fusion of our medical device incubation and I-Tek’s manufacturing capabilities. We’ve kept our heartbeat icon to retain brand consistency while introducing the new “VitaTek” name in a more prominent typeface. Our brand’s electric blue color signifies the innovative and technological approaches our team brings to all our projects.

In our initial year, we onboarded 10 projects, predominantly focused in the field of plastic surgery. However, come October 2023, our portfolio has expanded to 34 projects, and several will utilize our comprehensive range of in-house services. These projects span across various fields, including lung, ENT, and pathology, signifying our remarkable growth and adaptability.

Since our launch in October 2021, we have transformed significantly from our origins as a medical device incubator with limited in-house services, to becoming the world's only fully vertically integrated medical device company. CEO Jason Scherer's strategic initiatives have streamlined our operations and reshaped industry standards, and our rebrand to VitaTek marks a new era of innovation.


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