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Press Release: StingRay™ Device Launch


Product Name: StingRay™

SRP: $200 Launch

Date: September 16, 2022 Retailers: U.S. 

StingRay™ is a revolutionary, patented, breast implant delivery device. The novel StingRay™ sheet is designed to prevent biofilm contamination as breast implants are inserted during surgery. It is a single-use, contact-free, disposable device. It requires only three simple steps: center the implant, fold and then Guide & Slide™ into the surgical pocket. 

Since StingRay™ is a foldable device, it requires no measuring or cutting. With the device laid out, the user can see a target in the middle of the sheet on which to place the breast implant, and then the tail and wings are clearly numbered to fold in sequence. The StingRay™ is designed to effortlessly deliver all sizes of implants through much smaller incisions while maintaining sterility. 

Procedures that use StingRay™ are typically performed in an outpatient setting under anesthesia. This device may reduce the contamination of breast implants and the development of biofilm, which has been implicated in a variety of postoperative complications such as infection and capsular contracture. 

“Breast implant insertion delivery devices are now commonly used in cosmetic breast surgery. It’s important for surgeons to have options that such as the StingRay™ to complement their evolving surgical techniques to enhance overall patient outcomes.” — Dr. Rod Rohrich, board-certified Dallas plastic surgeon- Founding Partner of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and past-president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). 

“I’m excited that Vita Group is at the cutting-edge of medical innovation in the plastic surgery space. This Stingray™ device will improve our ability to care for patients requiring reconstructive or cosmetic breast implants because of its unique design, features and benefits.” — Dr. Karan Chopra, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

“We should all be using StingRay™ for every breast implant case to decrease the possibility of skin contamination on the implant. It’s great to have a new option in a delivery system with StingRay™. It will be better for our patients in ultimately getting less complications for them.” — Dr. Dan Mills, a board-certified plastic surgeon and past president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). 

Headquartered in Woodbury, MN, Vita Group Medical is an innovative, research, design and development agency. Utilizing over 75 years of experience within the medical industry; we specialize in serving healthcare innovators through patent applications, product prototyping, product manufacturing, FDA regulatory, distribution, marketing and sales. Vita Group has successfully brought multiple products to market and offers turn-key manufacturing to our clients, surgeons and medical care professionals. 

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