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The creation of the only, truly, vertically-integrated medical device development & manufacturing company in the U.S.

Jason Scherer's VitaTek's Origin Story 

As a president's club award-winning medical device sales professional, I found myself a part of two successful exits. This allowed me to pursue my dream of making my own medical devices. I began working with R&D companies and quickly realized they did not align with my vision on the same deliverables, timelines, and costs. I knew I needed to bring R&D in-house, so I hired my own team or engineers and started Vita Group. We rapid prototype every week, and we do not nickel and dime our customers in the way I experienced when working with other R&D companies. 

Next up, I began experiencing extremely high quotes for regulatory and I followed the same process. I hired three FDA regulatory professionals and brought them in-house. Then I bought a contract manufacturing shop that makes 120 devices for 70 medical device companies and we currently have nine OEM devices. I complimented the CM shop with a die mold shop and tooling shop. Now, instead of 9 months for die molds and 6-8 weeks for revisions, we can do die molds in one month and revisions in two days. 

Continuing my path to bring everything under one roof, I purchased a couple million dollars worth of ETO sterilization equipment. The current market is 6 months for validation and 6 weeks for routine runs. We're doing sterilization validation in two weeks and routine runs in a couple of days. 

VitaTek is now the largest private medical device manufacturer in the state of Minnesota with 140,000 sqft of space. VitaTek is also the ONLY medical company in the USA that provides everything in-house such as R&D, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing, Hydrophilic Coating, FDA Regulatory, Mold Flow Analysis, Die Mold Tooling, Sterile Barrier Packaging, Clean Room Assembly, Contract Manufacturing, ETO Sterilization, Distribution, and Medical Sales Team. 

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