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Accelerating die mold, tooling and revision turnaround times.  


With decades of experience in manufacturing medical devices and working with third-party providers, we are proud to introduce our in-house tool and die mold shop. Bringing this service in-house eliminates the lost time of outsourcing and allows VitaTek and clients the ability to move more efficiently toward the commercialization of the device.

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Molds and dies are indispensable tools in contemporary mass production manufacturing. Both play crucial roles; molds are utilized in processes like injection molding to shape resin, and in casting, while dies are employed in stamping operations. Modern techniques enable the creation of molds and dies with micron-level precision, facilitating the production of uniformly shaped and high-quality products across various industries.

Why choose VitaTek for Dies & Tooling?


  • 14-day turnaround on molds

  • 48-hour turnaround on mold revisions

  • Jig development

  • Retention devices

  • Gauging

  • Production tooling

  • In-house revisions

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