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Bringing physical form and function to life through in-house rapid prototyping.  


VitaTek utilizes multiple in-house 3d printers to bring our inventor's medical device concepts to life.

VitaTek uses the Stratasys J750 for rapid in-house medical device prototying.
VitaTek mechanical and electrial engineers prototype and test an innovative medical device instrument.

Our investment in the esteemed Stratasys J750 allows for the production of medical device prototypes, with an assortment of colors, textures and finishes. Low-fidelity prototyping is the starting point towards high-fidelity, concept freeze, and design for manufacturing. Low-fidelity prototypes offer a wonderful way to place a physical device in the hands of the inventor; where they can feel the size, shape and weight of the device. Our engineers will continue to test the prototype, implement design iterations, and communicate with the inventor during weekly calls through the completion of phase 1.

Why choose VitaTek for rapid medical device prototyping?


  • In-house 3D printers

  • In-house engineering workshop

  • Rapid-fast design iterations

  • Multiple finishes and colors available

  • Introduction of branding in prototypes

VitaTek engineers assemble a medical device prototype in their in-house workshop.
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