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The History of Vita Group: Medical Device Startup Company

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

You may already know about Vita Group, a research, design and manufacturing medical incubator company specializing in the commercialization of medical devices. However, you may not know the history of the foundation of Vita Group. Well, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on where Vita Group began. So, let’s get into how it all started.

It all started with a group of people who worked together on multiple medical device projects at companies that were continuously successfully exiting. It was a shame they kept disbanding, because they realized they worked extremely well together. They wanted to find a way to keep the team together while making improvements to the current R&D industry. Because they have firsthand experience in the medical device industry, they saw many opportunities to improve the standards.

For example, Jason, CEO of Vita Group, was investing his own money into the development of medical devices. He realized he was wasting his time and thousands of dollars because there was little progress being made over long periods of time. He saw no effort in the engineering teams, and as he would say “are engineering to engineer”. There was no incentive for these engineers to bring medical devices to the market. Jason and the other founders of the company knew they could make a point of being aggressive with medical device development, and so they founded Vita Group with that goal in mind.

They also saw how hard it was for inventors to hire a successful sales team, so they founded Vita Solutions, our international plug-and-play sales force of 40+ representatives. Vita Solutions is one of the most impactful assets we have to help inventors, because the provided the sales force enables the startup device to quickly get on their feet, without the need to staff an in-house sales team.

Now that you know why Vita Group was founded, let me tell you about the leaders of the company who work to make Vita Group a success.

Jason Scherer, CEO of Vita Group, has both experience working and investing in the medical device industry. With 17 years of working in medical device sales in 15 states and 4 x Presidents Club with a variety of products and categories, Jason’s experience has led him in a successful journey of founding a startup medical incubation company. He has hired, trained, and mentored multiple top reps across the country. The responsibilities of Jason’s job are endless, but some examples include meeting with inventors and investors and working out the financial logistics for projects.

Richard Thompson, Vice President of Vita Group, has 23 years of experience in user-centered product development for all types of clients- from startups to fortune 500 companies. He has developed over 20 products in the electrosurgical, electrophysiology, structured heart, and capitol equipment categories. On top of all this, he is also a seasoned leader of multidisciplinary teams running medical, industrial, and consumer development programs. Richard runs all our meetings with investors to brief them on our team's qualifications and specialties, as well as creating financial predictions for projects, and researching the cost of goods.

Justin Barbot, President of Vita Group, has worked in the pharmaceutical medical device industry for 15 years. He received his Masters in business and is part of the sales Presidents Club. Justin mostly works with Vita Solutions, our sales force. He manages and sets goals for our reps so they are fully trained in each device they are selling. He also works to add manufactures onto products for development, which is an important step for Phase III of development.

Our team leaders have experience in starting up multiple medical device companies and we’re here to help you. Partner with Vita Group to bring your medical device to the market as quickly as possible. Book a call to meet with our CEO Jason Scherer.


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