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Mastering Brekka Implant Delivery Device: A Step-by-Step Guide for Surgeons

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

As surgeons, ensuring a smooth and precise implant delivery process is paramount to achieving optimal outcomes. This blog post will guide you through the setup of Brekka, the revolutionary implant delivery device. By following these simple steps, you can streamline your surgical workflow and enhance accuracy for a successful procedure.

Brekka Implant Delivery Device Uncut

Step 1: Tailor Brekka to Implant Size

After removing Brekka from its package, customize the device to your implant's size. If the implant is under 400cc, remove the middle section of Brekka. For implants over 400cc, cut the distal end and cut it in half. This tailored configuration ensures the ideal fit for your specific implant size.

Brekka Implant Device Configurations

Step 2: Prepare the Implant Tray

To create a lubricated and sterile environment, add 50cc of Betadine into the implant tray surrounding the implant. This step ensures the implant to be ready for placement into the Brekka device.

Step 3: Lubricate and Prepare Inner Pouch

Release the handles of Brekka and lubricate the inner pouch with 50cc of Betadine. Gently agitate the pouch and allow it to sit, ensuring optimal lubrication for smooth implant delivery.

Pouring lubricated implant into prepared Brekka delivery device

Step 4: Insert and Agitate Implant

Carefully pour the implant into the desired end of Brekka. To ensure proper distribution, agitate the device back and forth a few times. Again, this step ensures the device and implant are thoroughly lubricated for successful delivery.

Step 5: Deliver the Implant

Apply gentle pressure behind the implant within Brekka, pushing it towards the desired opening for implant delivery. This controlled pressure facilitates precise and accurate implant placement during surgery.

By following these straightforward steps, you can confidently set up Brekka for surgery, optimizing the implant delivery process and enhancing surgical precision. Incorporating Brekka into your practice empowers you to elevate patient care and achieve outstanding results. Embrace the future of implant delivery with Brekka and experience a new level of surgical excellence.


Disclaimer: Please consult the official instructions and guidelines before using Brekka or performing any surgical procedures, which can be found here: Instructions for Use (IFU) - Brekka Medical

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