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Vita Group's Featured Medical Devices

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Vita Group is a rapidly growing medical device company that has successfully commercialized four innovative medical devices. As a company with 22 projects in incubation and acceleration, we are committed to developing products that improve patient care and outcomes. We take pride in our ability to innovate and our dedication to providing high-quality medical devices to the healthcare industry. Apart from the before-mentioned 22 projects, we also have four products in commercialization, ready for sale on the market. Here are those 4 devices:

Brekka Medical Capture Delivery Device

Brekka is a sterile, cutting-edge configurable device designed to provide assistance in

Prepping Brekka Device for delivery

surgeries that require placement of a wide variety of implants at different locations. The device's patented trapezoid design enables up to four configurations that surgeons can choose from based on the size and location of the specific implant to be delivered. Brekka is intended for single-patient use only but can be configured for two insertions on the same patient in a single procedure, depending on the implant type and insertion location. By adhering to the instructions provided for the personalized implant device, users will find Brekka to be an efficient and user-friendly tool that enhances surgical precision and patient outcomes.

StingRay Medical Implant Delivery Device

Stingray is a state-of-the-art device that was specifically designed to simplify and expedite

Stingray Medical ready for implant delivery

the delivery of silicone gel implants, with a focus on minimizing the friction during insertion of the implant. It is also specifically designed to facilitate a contact-free implant insertion. The device's layout provides users with clear, numbered steps and a designated location for the implant. The StingRay's unique design enables seamless, sterile, and effortless implant delivery through smaller incisions, while maintaining surgical sterility. Moreover, the device's ergonomics allow for effortless, one-handed use, and eliminates the need for surgical cutting, further reducing surgical time and minimizing patient discomfort.

ClearDropper - Ear Applicator Medical Device

The ClearDropper is a precision device specifically designed for accurately administering ear drops with ease and precision to patients of all ages, including children and pets. It is a versatile delivery system that can be used for both prescription and over-the-counter

Easy and simple ear applicator

medications such as hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, vinegar or rubbing alcohol. The ClearDropper ensures that the correct amount of medication is delivered, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment and reducing wastage. This feature is particularly valuable given the cost of medication today. With the ClearDropper, patients can be assured of optimal treatment outcomes with each drop.

PostRecovery MD

Post Recovery MD offers all-in-one recovery kits for patients who have undergone various surgical procedures. These products are carefully selected by surgeons to ensure that

A medical device for recovering from surgery

patients have everything they need to recover comfortably and efficiently. Every customized box comes with a personalized video message with answers to commonly asked questions specific to one’s recovery. With a variety of kits available, including those for facelifts, breast augmentations, eyelid surgeries, tummy tucks, body contouring, and c-sections, Post Recovery MD brings ease and reliability to the recovery process.


Vita Group's portfolio of medical devices is a testament to our commitment to innovation and patient care. Each of these devices has been designed to address specific medical needs and provide healthcare professionals with safer and more efficient alternatives to traditional devices. With our focus on quality and efficiency, Vita Group is well positioned to continue developing cutting-edge medical devices that improve patient outcomes and enhance the practice of medicine.

Want to learn more about Vita Group and our medical device development? Book a call with Vita Group's CEO, Jason Scherer, to learn more.


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