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10 Reasons Why Vita Group is the Research and Development Company for You

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

First of all, smoking is bad for you. Don’t do it. Second, you’re about to learn the 10 reasons why Vita Group is the Research and Development Company for you. You’ll learn about our special sauce we integrate into each individual project, and why we do what we do.

Vita Group Medical Incubator

Vita Group is a medical device incubator that takes napkin sketches all the way to commercialization. So, what are the 10 reasons why Vita Group smokes other R/D Companies? Let’s get into it.

1. At-cost development work. In the R/D industry it is standard for inventors to pay one large lump of payment, usually a sum between $50k-$200k every month or every other month. Instead of the one lump payment method, Vita Group has set up a more reasonable and affordable payment structure. We charge an at cost rate of $5k-$15k paid monthly for the first 6 months. This setup is great for both the parties as it provides quick development at a reasonable price.

2. Fast paced development. It is standard in the R/D industry for a product to take 7 to 10 years to reach the market, which is why inventors have to raise millions of dollars for their projects. At Vita Group, we recognize that 7 years is an extremely long time for an inventor to wait for a product to come to commercialization. We also realize other R/D companies do not provide a fixed timeline for Phase 0 to Phase 1 development. This is why Vita Group standardizes all projects to fit a 6 month timeframe for Phase 0 and Phase 1. From Phase 2 to Phase 5, we estimate 2 years or less, depending on the project. Our goal is to bring medical device innovations to market at an accelerated rate, while providing regulatory costs/pathway, IP analysis, COGs manufacturing (international or domestic), a business plan/business strategy, and prototypes (version 1 to version 10) for the project as fast as possible.

Success in medical device development

3. Develop medical projects from A to Z. The standard in the R/D industry only offers Phase 0 to Phase 2 development, which means most R/D companies are only engineering to engineer. There is no incentive for the R/D firm to bring projects to the market, because they stop their work at manufacturing anyways. Vita Group, on the other hand, is extremely motivated to partner with inventors because our goal is to bring medical devices to the market as fast as possible.

We realize there are 3 major hurdles to bringing medical devices to market: 1) Research and Development, 2) Manufacturing and 510k, and 3) Sales and Distribution. Our company is designed to help inventors through each of these steps by vertically integrating everything in-house.

(Saved Prototype Parts from 3D Printer)

Saved prototype parts from 3D printer

4. Rapid prototyping in color and soft/hard plastics. In many cases, other R/D medical device companies offer prototyping services but usually charge an additional fee, and their prototypes are only in one color (black, white, blue, etc.). However, Vita Group has changed the game by investing in multiple 3D printers that can print in millions of colors at the same time, and in various softness or hardness. Our engineering team has full access to these in-house prototypes and can make several revisions in one day. This way, we provides as many prototypes as possible in Phase 0 to Phase 1 until we get to a point of creating a realistic MVP (Market Viable Product). Our ability to provide in-house prototyping is both cost and time effective, supporting our goal to bring projects to the market as quickly as possible.

Project in CAD

5. Vita Group is capable of the following development products: ME (Mechanical Engineering), EE (Electrical Engineering), iPhone/Android Apps, 3D capture or printing, Textile, LCD screens, and nano-instruments (.5mm to 2mm). Why is this important for Vita Group? Well, most R/D companies do not have these resources and have to find a company like Vita Group who does. Because we have access to these services, we have the advantage of doing all the work internally. When choosing an R/D company, you want to find a company that has the expertise and the resources to develop your project as fast as possible. As mentioned before, engineering to engineer just burns money. Find a R/D company that is invested in a project’s success, like Vita Group.

Capital investing

6. Capital investment. One main reason why Vita Group is so successful is because of our capital investment. Why? Because there is no R/D medical company that will do capital fundraising for a project. It just doesn’t exist. So, instead of leaving inventors with the responsibility of finding large amounts of money to support their project, Vita Group partners with inventors to bring capital dollars to their project at the end of Phase 0 - Phase 1. This is super important for the success of both Vita Group and our partnered inventors.

7. Partner to aggressively drive medical devices to market. What’s important to Vita Group is getting projects to the market as quickly as we can. We keep this goal in mind for each individual project. This is not typical for other R/D companies. They will engineer to engineer until the cows come home. At Vita Group, we are motivated, efficient, and dedicated to bringing inventors and their projects success, and with our aggressive and driven mindset, we achieve our goal of fast development.

8. Access to wet/dry/cadaver labs weekly. Ask any engineer when was the last time they were in the OR/Dry Lab/Web Lab/Cadaver lab? The answer is probably never, or maybe once a year. Typically, R/D companies have to hire lab testing services for their prototypes. Engineers don’t get hands-on experiences with their prototypes and instead receive notes on the testing through a secondhand source. At Vita Group, our engineers are in the OR/Dry Labs/Wet Labs/ Cadavers Labs weekly. Sometimes 3 to 4 times a week, or even every day! Our engineers get firsthand experience with healthcare settings and know the surgical environment intimately. There is no need to spend massive amounts of time explaining the surgical or healthcare environment to our engineers, because Vita Group has a front row seat to the show.

Picture of the UK

9. Access to the UK/EU market. Most R/D companies are only focused on distributing products through the USA market. They have no intention of sending medical device projects to international markets. But Vita Group does. We have distribution partners in Brazil and the UK/EU market. Furthermore, Vita Group is opening an office in the EU/UK in May of 2023! This will provide even more opportunities for ourselves and investors to explore the international market.

10. Plug and play medical device sales team. Typically, once a project is ready for sales, the Research and Development group passes the project back to the inventor. The inventor then has to distribute, fulfill, and hire a sales team. This entire process is extremely difficult and taxing. Instead of searching elsewhere for selling and marketing, Vita Group takes currently developed products and transfers that information to our plug-and-play sales team, Vita Solutions. Vita Group trains our sales team on the project's usage and specifics so they are experts and can achieve efficient distribution.

These 10 reasons are what makes Vita Group so unique compared to other R/D companies. Not only is Vita Group an affordable option for bringing medical products to commercialization, but we are also dedicated to providing a speedy, pain-free experience to our partners. With our drive and determination, we partner with inventors on projects that we believe in.

If you have more questions about the medical incubation process and want to learn more, book a call to meet with our CEO Jason Scherer.

Or, if you're looking for a service for distribution of your medical device, visit Vita Solutions,

Or contact Vita Solutions - plug and play medical device sales team president Justin Barbot for more information:



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