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Incubator Project

StingRay Medical

Implant Delivery System

Meet StingRay

StingrayTM is intended to facilitate the delivery of silicone gel implants by providing a shell-tissue interface with less friction during insertion of the implant. It is also intended to facilitate implementation of a contact free implant insertion.

An overhead product shot of StingRay Medical's implant delivery system.
Plastic surgeon folds the left wing of the StingRay device in preparation for implant delivery.


The StingRay brings a new option of implant delivery to plastic surgeons. The device requires no cutting and introduces a folding system to accommodate a variety of implants.

Contact-Free Placement

The StingRay introduces contact-free delivery, to reduce infection rates associated with surgery, works exceptionally well with implants sized 700cc or larger, and is competitively priced.

Doctor places a breast implant on StingRay's implant delivery system for augmentation surgery.
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