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3 Easy Steps to Set Up Your StingRay Implant Delivery Device

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

StingRay Implant Delivery Device is intended to facilitate contact-free delivery of silicone gel implants by providing a shell-tissue interface with less friction during insertion of the implant. The device is designed to effortlessly deliver the implant in smaller incisions in surgeries while maintaining sterility. But how do you prepare StingRay for an implant delivery? Keep reading to learn how to set up StingRay in 3 easy steps!

1. Open Device:

Start setting up your StingRay, by opening and unfolding the device and lay it flat while avoiding touching the inside surface. Next, use a sterile syringe to evenly distribute about 30cc of solution to wet the entire surface.

2. Place Implant:

Stingray unfolded

For step 2, take your implant of choice, which should already be moistened, and gently place it right onto the indicated spot market “0”. Make sure to align the implant by keeping it centered between the diagonal dotted fold lines. Be aware of the orientation of your implant, whether it is face up or face down.

3. Fold Sides:

Folding tail "1"

Now you’re ready to fold. Once you find the tail of the device marked “1” as seen in the attached photo, reach under the tail and fold it to the top edge of the implant while avoiding contacting the inside of the surface.

Wrapping sides "2" and "3"

Next, wrap the first wing, labeled “2”, and fold over the side flap to the edge of the implant. Do the exact same for the second wing, marked with a “3”. The tongue of the device should form a rounded channel to provide a controlled delivery. Again, you can use the attached photo for reference.

Congratulations! Your StingRay is now ready for delivery. Before inserting the implant, make sure the device is oriented correctly with the implant facing up. Then, insert the tongue into the incision and apply pressure to easily slide and glide the implant in! And now you know how to easily set up your StingRay for an implant delivery.

StingRay ready for implant delivery

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