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Vita Group Partners With Merge Medical and Overviews Becoming the Largest Private Medical Device Man

Updated: Mar 21

Vita Group partners with Merge Medical and releases their first podcast together (with Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Jeff Cole) to overview the pain and suffering that led to the development of the giant medical device manufacturer Vita Group is today.

Through growth and strategic acquisitions, Vita Group is the largest private medical device manufacturer in the state of Minnesota with 150,000 sq ft. Vita Group owns 11 medical device products; four are FDA approved and currently on the market. Four more devices will enter the market in 2024

Vita Group CEO, Jason Scherer, shares his origin story and OEM medical device project details for commercialized devices StingRay and Brekka, both which are implant delivery devices sitting within the plastics space, as well as upcoming projects Orchid, LipoShot, Nano Assist, and OctoRetractor.

"What makes us super unique and the competitive advantage that we have is that we have rapid prototyping capabilities in-house, regulatory in-house, die mold capabilities and revisions of die molds in-house. So, we can turn them around really quickly instead of waiting for overseas manufacturers. We have our own contract manufacturing, we manufacture for over 70+ medical device companies, of a variety of different products. We do sterilization in-house, which is super unique. No one has all the capabilities we have. We also have our own w2 sales team so we can insert ourselves in as a plug-and-play ... to help bring a product to commercialization."

-- Jason Scherer, CEO

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