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Introducing Vita Solutions Plug-and-Play Medical Device Sales Team

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

If you’re reading this, you might already be familiar with Vita Group, a medical device incubation company, but this article isn’t about Vita Group. Let me tell you about Vita Solutions. You might be thinking “What in the world is a ‘Vita Solutions’?” As you may or may not know, at Vita Group we go through multiple phases to bring an idea from a napkin-sketch to a real-life commercialized product. Our last phase, Phase V, is distribution. This includes implementing sales, storage for products, and marketing your products. Here at Vita Group, our other half, Vita Solutions, takes care of the sales aspects of medical production.

Vita Solutions is a Plug-and-Play Sales Team focused on networking events, product ordering, and product fulfillment, which are all necessary to completing the final phase of creating a commercialized medical device. Not only do they achieve commercialization, but Vita Solutions also creates mutually beneficial contracts which allow our partners to deploy a sales force, without the upfront cost of establishing an in-house sales department. Our staff is experienced in the following medical specialties:




●Plastic Surgery


●Operation Room


●Wound Care

●Interventional Radiology (IR),

And we are adding new specialties every year.

Ready for more? Then buckle up. Vita Solution services include:

●Ability to control sales force focus to reach quarterly milestones.

●Nationwide Coverage

●Access to over 40 reps

●Maintain Strong Relationships

●Trained & Experienced

●Fill Marketing Events

Now, I understand this might be a lot to take in. It’s awesome, I know, but a total info-dump. I can hear you thinking, “Sounds like a great sales team, but so what?” Well, let me tell you “what”.

Typically, once a project is ready for sales, the Research and Development group passes the project back to the inventor. The inventor then has to hire a sales team or sell the project to a group with a sales team. This creates an extra step to the already long process of bringing a product to the market.

Instead of searching elsewhere for selling and marketing your product, Vita Group takes your currently developed product and transfers that information to our sister company, Vita Solutions. Vita Group trains our sales team on project usage and the target audience. Then, Vita Solutions introduces the project to doctors across the country, enabling a quick startup for distribution.

As some may know, are three valuable steps to selling a product:

  1. Calling Clients- meaning making calls to potential clients in attempt to sell a product. Though this is something anyone can do, it also requires effort and applying oneself. Vita Solutions is trained to put in that effort to make successful calls and seek out clientele.

  2. The second step to selling a product is to know the product. We know your product is special and Vita Solutions treats it that way. Our sales team is dedicated to learning the specifics of your product so we can accomplish better sales. This step requires learning, studying, and being knowledgeable of the product. With Vita Solutions' desire to learn specifics and to immerse ourselves in your product, our services are extremely beneficial for your product's distribution.

  3. The process of selling the product is the final step to distributing a product. This last step demands a combination of effort and knowledge of your product. The primary locations of selling products through are hospitals, surgery centers, and offices. Since Vita Solutions already has connections with these places of distributing products and are experts in the process of selling products, this step is something our team excels at.

So, when you think about it, Vita Solutions already meets two out of three of the steps needed for selling a product. All you need to do is brief our team on the specifics of your product, and you have a fully equipped sales team for selling your product. And what's more, Vita Solutions is also cost-effective. We start with a low cost salary with equity that only increases as we meet our quota. We charge a low price between $50-$200 a month depending on how many representatives are hired and the length of the contract.

We know it can be frustrating to invest heaps of money into services for selling your product, and it can also be difficult to find the right company that you can trust. However, once you’ve trusted Vita Group, you can rest easy knowing your product is in safe hands. Trusting in Vita Group removes the extra hassle of finding a separate distributor for a device, since Vita Solutions already has your back.

To learn more about how Vita Solutions can help you, find us at this website,

Or contact our president Justin Barbot for more information:

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Gretchen Wagner
Gretchen Wagner
Aug 09, 2022

An outstanding article written by Miss Wagner! I always admire her work and cannot wait to see what she has next!

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