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Vita Group Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to VitaTek

Rebrand Press Release


As a business evolves, its visual identity and symbols should adapt to reflect its new directions, goals, and missions. Vita Group is adapting too, and we are thrilled to announce the completion of our rebranding to VitaTek.

Founded in 2021, Vita Group started out as a medical device incubator and accelerator company. Our mission was to help inventors, universities and med device companies take an idea or concept for a new device from a napkin sketch to commercialization. However, at the time, our in-house services were limited to medical device R&D, rapid prototyping, distribution, sales, and marketing. We also coordinated 510k submissions, sterilization, and manufacturing for our clients, which we outsourced to third-party regulatory firms, contract sterilization, and manufacturing companies. In the process of outsourcing, we were routinely on the receiving end of expensive a la carte services, egregious hourly fees, costly delays and poor communication on project timelines. Instead of maintaining the status quo, we identified these problems as opportunities for growth.

In early 2023, Vita Group made the strategic decision to eliminate the middlemen of our industry and bring our outsourced services under one roof. Under the leadership of CEO, Jason Scherer, we took immediate action on four identified growth opportunities: regulatory, office space, manufacturing, and sterilization. Our first action was to hire an expert medical device regulatory affairs professional. Our second action was identifying a medical device contract manufacturer for a merger acquisition. Being in the heart of Medical Alley, we didn't have to look further than White Bear Lake. We identified I-Tek as the best partner, due to their full-service manufacturing offering, white rooms, clean rooms, and leadership structure. Our third action was identifying a new headquarters, large enough to fulfill our immediate needs, and to provide us with plenty of square footage necessary to grow together as one company. In August, we relocated to our new 70,000 sq ft headquarters at 390 Commerce Drive in Woodbury, MN. Our fourth action was the purchase of 10 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers. With the future in mind, we chose unique models that sterilize & aerate devices in the pouch/and or tray in a single chamber that adhere to the strict EPA guidelines for reducing EO emissions.

With our EO Sterilization quals now completed, VitaTek has officially become the only truly vertically integrated medical device company in the country.

We are extremely proud to announce the following list of in-house medical device development services, all from under one roof: R&D, Rapid Prototyping, Design Development, User Testing, Regulatory 510k Submissions, Component Manufacturing, Tooling, Molding, Machining, Sterile Barrier Packaging, Device Assembly, Sterilization, Warehousing, Sales and Marketing.

Rebranding Changes

We’ve updated the “Vita Group'' name to “VitaTek.” This change reflects the coming together of Vita Group’s medical device incubator and I-Tek’s medical device manufacturing. The core of our logo will remain the same, with the heartbeat icon and its electric blue color. Our blue and white color palettes stay true to the healthcare industry's visual aesthetic. The continued use of our electric blue hints at the innovative and technological approaches our team brings to all our projects. We’ve made small changes in the line weight of our heartbeat for increased visibility in print and embroidered instances. We’ve also updated the typeface selection to allow for a bolder display of our brand name.

Effective Timelines and Dates

The Vita Group name phase-out will begin upon the release of this notice. The first sighting of our new VitaTek name will be on display for our attendance at MD&M’s Minneapolis Exhibit on 10.10.2023. Logo updates will also be visible on our website (, formerly and our social media platforms.


Our Heartbeat Icon

Our signature heartbeat is a direct correlation to the healthcare community. Our icon represents a medical device project’s, inception-to-completion journey. The left dot represents the start of the project or incubation. The right dot represents the commercialization of the project or completion. The pulse line represents the journey of bringing the device to market.


“A revision to our brand was very much needed in showcasing the progressive changes we’ve made to move from a medtech R&D company to a fully integrated medical device provider. We’ve always considered technology a keyword of our visual identity, so we are excited to introduce “Tek” into our name moving forward. VitaTek represents the alignment of medical device creativity, innovation and manufacturing; all from under one roof.” – Nate Bliss, Marketing Director

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